Sunday, April 2, 2017

Bridge is a simple (Cats') game

Grisabel (Grizabella) is the main character of Cats, the unforgettable musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. She sings the most recognizable of all songs, Memory, where she remembers her youth: I was beautiful then, she laments.

You play 6.

Take your time so you don't lament: I should have thought about it.

Lead is J. How do you play ?

My partner, BBOer Grisabel from Umbria made short work of the hand, proving bridge is a very simple game for a cat.

Just count your tricks: 6 hearts, 2 diamonds, 1 club = 9. You need 3 other tricks. Where can you find them?

Look at the spade spots in dummy. Once the King is out, you have 4 spade tricks available, but you need only 3 spade tricks for 12 tricks. How do you establish the spades?

Grisabel took the lead with the Ace, played immediately the King and discarded the... ♠Ace

She then ran the ♠Queen, discarding a club, taken by LHO.

Claim!‼ No lament.

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